Company Information

Company Information

Establishment April 1955
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Business Manufacturing of precision gears, gears for automobiles, electronic devices and industrial machinery
Number of employees 395 (352 men and 43 women) as of April 2019
Sales 22 billion yen in fiscal year 2019
President Kouhei Nakamura
Location of head office 1 Kami-hattanda Mutsuguri, Kota, Nukata-gun, Aichi,444-0122 Japan
Phone:0564-56-3511  FAX:0564-56-3513
Location of plants Head Office / Kota factory
1 Kami-hattanda Mutsuguri, Kota, Nukata-gun, Aichi,444-0122 Japan
Phone:0564-56-3511 FAX:0564-56-3513
Otowa factory
1-14 Nakayama Hagi, Otowa, Hoi-gun, Aichi, 441-0201 Japan
Phone:0533-88-2100 FAX:0533-88-2261
Nishio factory
111 Miyabakashinoki,Kira,NIshio,Aichi, 444-0502 Japan
Phone:0563-34-2020 FAX:0563-34-2002
Sumi factory
30 Higashiya Sumi, Kota, Nukata-Gun, Aichi, 444-0127 Japan
Phone:0564-62-9300 FAX:0564-62-9301
Gamagori factory
35 Mukaiyama, Toyooka, Gamagori, Aichi, 443-0011 Japan
Phone:0533-68-7248 FAX:0533-67-1873

Main customers

Aisin AW Co., Ltd. 
Jatco Ltd. 
Jtekt Ltd. 
KYB Co., Ltd. 
Molitec Steel Co.,Ltd. 
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. 
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. 
Unipres Co.,Ltd. 
MITSUBA Corporation 
Aisin Kiko Co.,Ltd. 

Production organization

Our four principal factories produce mainly gears for automobiles and produce over 9 million products per month with more than 300 different varieties.

Head Office & Kota Factory
in 2003, is our main production site that also functions as our head office.
Kota is not only responsible for mass-production but also estimates, prototype production and product preparation.
Land space:55,000㎡
Floor space:23,360㎡
Number of machines:900(Jan ’21)
Otowa Factory
The Otowa factory, built in 1991, is our secondary production plant. This factory has excellent resources enabling it to produce more than 2 million products per month, such as pinion gears, sun gears and hub clutches for automatic transmissions.
Land space:18,400㎡
Floor space:14,260㎡
Number of machines:430(Jan ’21)
Nishio Factory
The main production plant, constructed in 2014 and specialized for high-volume production.
Land space:35,200㎡
Floor space:11,850㎡
Number of machines:390(Jan ’21)
Sumi Factory
It is a production plant specialized in mass production built in 2019.
Land space:71,920㎡
Floor space:13,080㎡
Number of machines:160(Jan ’21)
Gamagori Factory
Our Gamagori factory manufactures small quantities of products that are difficult to produce using automated methods such as prototype and supplementary gears.
Land space:3,080㎡
Floor space:1,873㎡
Number of machines:70(Jan ’21)

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