Our developed Equipment

We aim to automate our production lines using specially developed equipment based on the concept of ’1 hour automation’ thereby making good use of the time and reduce working hours.

Nakamura develops special machines and machine-to-machine equipment such as conveyors, stocking devices, cleaning equipment, trimming machines and drilling machines thereby making our product lines highly efficient and competitive. Nakamura will further develop various kinds of equipment that will contribute to cutting down on labor requirements and maintain high standards in auto-mated product lines in the future.

Standard type of conveyor

These standard conveyors save space and prevent oil spillage enabling us to automate various production lines.


Robot used for stock maintenance

We have introduced a detection system for missed robotic oper-ations to maintain long-term auto-mation.


Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment, taking up little space and is connected to the cycle time, used with an automated conveyor.


Inspection machine

This machine, used for snap rings, detects the presence of chips in grooves by using a sensing device for displacement.


Number of special equipment developed by us

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