Prototype Production

We can meet customers’ diversified needs flexibly even from a prototype manufacturing processes.

Prototype manufacturing is not only an expression of the process of customer needs, but is also the most important process that decides the full production method. Nakamura, with its abundance of prototype machines and its experience as a specialist gear manufacturer, can produce prototypes to meet the demands of the customer. Furthermore, we can propose plans on VA (Value Analysis) and VE (Value Engineering) as a trusted partner to improve precision and the material used in the production of gears to improve future production.

Main equipment for prototype production

NC gear hobbing machine (Kasifuji KE-251)
NC gear hobbing machine (Kasifuji KE-251)
NC gear shaper (Mitsubishi SD15CNC)
NC gear shaving machine (Mitsubishi FE30A)
NC machining center (Kitamura 3Xi)
NC chamfering machine (Sanyo machine CNC-4NC)
NC chamfering machine (Sinsei Giken TFG‐200CNC)

NC hobbing machine
(kashifuji KN-150)

NC gear shaper
(Mitsubishi SD25CNC)

NC chamfering machine
(Shinsei Giken TFG-200CNC)

NC gear shaving machine
(Mitsubishi FE30A)

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Range of prototype gear

Pre-delivery Phases

category division分 outside diameter (mm) module JIS grade
max min max min
Spur gear external 220 8 5 0.3 1-7
internal 200 60 4 1 4-7
Helical gear external 220 8 5 0.3 1-7
internal 200 80 4 1 4-7
Screw gear external 120 15 2 0.5 4-7
Worm external 50 8 3 0.5 4-7
Worm wheel external 200 20 3 0.5 4-7
Bevel gear external 50 15 2 0.5 4-7
Crown gear external 50 20 1 0.3 5-7

(Note1) Double gear with taper, gear with flange and crown gear can also be produced.
(Note2) Other module or grade gears not specified herein can be inquired.

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