Other Controls

Accumulated skills and experience realize the customer’s needs. As a specialist gear manu- facturer all aspects of maintenance is taken into consideration.

For providing high quality products continuously, we perform other various controls required as a specialized gear manufacture such as machine maintenance, sharpening & grinding cutters and special handling at delivering and packing.

Machine Maintenance

Preventive and predictive maintenance for equipment used in the main processes is carried out in accordance with an inspection plan based on our extensive experience. Production tools and replacement parts are stored and controlled efficiently.

Store for replacement parts controlled by PC

Registration of schedule for maintenance

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Sharpening & Grinding Cutters

In order to keep up with the change in product accuracy efficiently we sharpen hobs, shaper cutters and drills and also grind shaving cutters at our factories.

GS cutter sharpener

Saving cutter grinder

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Special Handling

To prevent defects in appearance related to gears such as burrs, dents and flaws, various methods are adopted using container boxes, heat treatment tools among others in addition to One-piece Flow manufacturing supported by automated conveyors.

heat treatment tools

Packaging design for delivery

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Monitoring&MeasurementOther Controls