Main Products / Main equipment

Produces most types of gears used in automobiles.

Besides mainly producing gears for transmissions such as A/T, M/T, and CVT
we also produce gears for P/S and engines among others and therefore manufacture the majority of gears used in the automobile industry.

Main Products

Pinion planetary
Hub & Flange
Gear sun
Other gears
Speed meter gear

Product Quantity

Main equipment and manufacturer

NC gear hobbing machine (Kashifuji, Hamai Sangyo, Seiwa)・・・205
NC gear small hobbing machine (Hamai Sangyo)・・・9
Gear shaper (Mitsubishi)・・・29
NC gear shaving Machine (Mitsubishi)・・・208
NC lathe (Fuji Machine mfg., Muratec)・・・290
Gear rolling machine (Tsugami)・・・17
Chamfering machine (Sanyo Machine,Fukuyama Sangyo)・・・193
Broaching machine (Sanyo Machine)・・・12
NC honing machine (Nissin Mfg.)・・・86
End-face grinding machine (mechatro giken,komatsuNTC)・・・99
End Surface Finishing Board (Hamai Sangyo)・・・8
High-frequency quenching device (Denki Kougyou)・・・3
Cutting machine (Noritake Co.,Limited)・・・44
Multi spindle screw Machine (Shimada)・・・73
NC Drilling Machine (FANUC)・・・39
Gear Checker (Sanyo Machine)・・・60

As of the January 2021.

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