Message from the president

We implement our management system in accordance with the International Standard and we continually improve our activities to meet customer requirements through policy deployment.

At Nakamura Gear & Machinery Corporation we have been cultivating our own technology and know-how specializing in precision gear manufacturing for over fifty years. We mainly produce mass production gears for automatic transmissions in automobiles and our products are used in a large number of automobiles throughout the world.
To resolve the problem of “reducing costs while increasing quality”, we implemented the integration and automation of production lines at an early stage. Our integrated production lines are automated using special machinery and conveyors designed and assembled by us so that customers can rely not only on the quality and costs but also in the realization of the product line. We are continuously aiming to the contribution of society through the mass production of gears and also to become the world leader in gears.

Kouhei Nakamura

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