Corporate History / MAP

1955.04 Corporation established in Miya, Gamagori and production of small-sized gears for motorcycle begun.
1955.11 Production for sewing machine and automobiles for Aisin Co., Ltd. begun.
1969.05 Production for automatic transmission for Aisin AW Co., Ltd. begun.
1973.05 Capital raised to 20,000,000.
1984.11 Present Gamagori factory constructed.
1991.12 Otowa factory established as an affiliated company.
2000.03 ISO9001 acquired.
2003.03 ISO14001 acquired.
2003.09 Kota factory constructed.
2004.05 Extension built on Kota factory and Head Office relocated to Kota.
2007.02 Aichi Quality Company (Aichi brand) qualifed.
2014.09 Construction of cutting tool polishing plant in Kota factory site
2014.12 Nishio factory constructed.
2019.01 Sumi factory constructed.


Head Office / Kota factory
1 Kami-hattanda Mutsuguri, Kota, Nukata-gun, Aichi,444-0122 Japan
Phone:0564-56-3511 FAX:0564-56-3513
Otowa factory
1-14 Nakayama Hagi, Otowa, Hoi-gun, Aichi, 441-0201 Japan
Phone:0533-88-2100 FAX:0533-88-2261
Nishio factory
111 Miyabakashinoki,Kira,NIshio,Aichi, 444-0502 Japan
Phone:0563-34-2020 FAX:0563-34-2002
Sumi factory
30 Higashiya Sumi, Kota, Nukata-Gun, Aichi, 444-0127 Japan
Phone:0564-62-9300 FAX:0564-62-9301
Gamagori factory
35 Mukaiyama, Toyooka, Gamagori, Aichi, 443-0011 Japan
Phone:0533-68-7248 FAX:0533-67-1873

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